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BridgeTower Media empowers communities with data, insights and connections to ignite growth in the home furnishings, business, legal, and construction industries through a collection of 44 authoritative media properties across more than 25+ U.S. markets. We own the leading national and local-market media brands in these sectors, and our audience includes 75% of top companies in each. Our deep editorial focus has made us the #1 go-to for industry news, insights and analysis, and attracts over 1.3M+ decision makers monthly to connect and engage with our brands—in print, on the web, in email, on social and at our events.


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With b2b buyers spending more of their time and budgets online, alongside changes in data privacy laws, we discovered the value of our audience and embraced the importance of first-party data. We have invested time and resources into understanding our audience—who they are, what they do, and what they care about. Deep insights about each of our executive audience members allow BridgeTower Media to curate and personalize content and connections more effectively. It also gives us key insights on the best channel, message, and time to advertise to our audience.

BridgeTower Media Audience Platform

Always Connected to the Audience​

Using our audience insights, BridgeTower Media can create a custom marketing package for you to help you achieve your business objectives. Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness or to invite new business opportunities—if getting in front of an audience of decision-makers is your goal, then the BridgeTower Media network is an efficient and effective way to do that.